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The Boat

Komodo, renowned for its rich and diverse marine life, is home to Samata our 42 meter wooden Liveaboard, hand-built and renovated by South Sulawesi Bira carpenters in 2007.

We accommodate up to 8 guests which emphasis the fact that we are a luxury liveaboard. Our guests all enjoy superb service and individual attention due to the small group onboard.

On board, all is carefully planned and designed to make you feel at home and in total comfort. The main first deck is completely dedicated for our guests.

Our utmost importance is to make your stay with us a memorable experience. Our vision is a cozy family-style liveaboard, designed to provide our guests with all the comfort and tranquility they need.

We offer a home feeling, privacy, space, luxury, style and comfort.
Samata features the latest international standard and safety equipment. We can sail anywhere in Komodo in comfort and in confidence.

Samata Liveaboard – an experience you will love to remember for years.




Samata Diving & Plongée