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About Condo

Mr. Condo Subagyo, originally from Java, has been a leader in the recreational scuba diving industry in Komodo for 20 years.
Arrived in Labuan Bajo in 1982 where he first became acquainted with Komodo National Park as a Komodo Ranger between 1982 and 1987.

1987 was the year Condo began as a diver affiliated with Baruna, the first dive operator in Bali.

Condo started his own business with his first Liveaboard in 1987 in Komodo National Park. Komodo was a true love story and they haven’t parted ever since…
During the time his Liveaboard operated, Condo was affiliated with different conservation projects;

He assisted the “Discovery Channel” for 2 years while filming the Komodo Dragon, alongside cameraman Michael Pitt. This was when it was discovered that the Komodo Dragon dives in the open ocean.

Guided dives in 1996 for the Sea Nature Conservation (SNC). In 1999 worked as a Marine Project Leader for an NGO, and since then has been involved in many conservation Projects. In 2007, Condo organized a voyage for National Geographic where an Indonesian reef check was conducted.

Bought his first boat in 1997, renovated it as a fisherman’s boat with an upper deck, where Condo and his guests slept in tents on top. Some remember this boat as the “Pirate Liveaboard”. This pioneering all-year-long liveaboard was one of the Komodo National Marine Park’s first dive operations. Since then, he has owned 3 different boats. Johanas III is his latest.

Condo has logged some 15,000 dives.  In addition to extensive experience throughout Komodo National Marine Park, he has led scuba expeditions in Bira, Flores and Bali.
Pak Condo was the one who found most of the dive sites in Komodo National Park, and they were named in Indonesian by him. Later on they were changed to English names by others.
Komodo National Park has between 70 and 100 dive sites, all well known to Condo; some spots haven’t even been dived yet by others.

Condo is familiar with several secret dive sites, knows specific locations of hammerhead sharks, guitar sharks, whale sharks, Ornate Robego, and a 50-meter wreck.

Condo has served as a consultant and advisor to other dive operators, and to the office of Labuan Bajo; also as a marine boat consultant, selecting captains for NGO’s & the NTC.
He maintains his diving credentials, having been certified as an instructor. Condo is continuously diving, leading his divers to untouched spots, famous sites, sharing the passion and love for diving with everyone around him.


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