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Our Diving

We believe in specializing and knowing in depth all aspects of one diving region. Komodo shades one of the greatest biological underwater diversities in the world. Our experience has shown us that there is much more to discover, and we do so every day.

We know the national marine park of Komodo as our private playground. We specialize in every aspect of Komodo. We will take you to famous dive sites and some secret places known only to us…
Condo Subagyo, our professional Cruise Director and PADI instructor, well known as the best dive guide in Komodo with 20 years experience in Komodo, will guide you to the underwater final frontier.

Condo has been and still is the most sought-after diving guide in Komodo. Divers from all over the world return to dive only with Condo. His impeccable reputation goes far beyond diving. read more about Condo

Your safety, comfort, and enjoyment are our utmost concern. We will do everything possible to make sure you have a great time cruising the reefs.

With our 2 instructors and 2 professional dive masters and only up to 8 guests onboard, you truly will receive all the attention you’ve ever wished for.

Whether you are an experienced diver, or want to advance your diving level or are interested in becoming a newly certified diver and discovering the magic of scuba diving, Samata luxury liveaboard has it all for everyone. Our Instructors onboard can help you obtain the PADI certification with pleasant training and amazing dives.
Our guests are the ones who choose the number of dives wanted per day, we have no limits. Each dive is planned according to the weather, diving conditions and diving level, but in addition, according to what our guests want. If there's a critter you have always wanted to see, we will know the exact place to find it. And if you want to see it again, we will take you there again, no fixed routes. it’s all about what you want .

Diving is our passion and love, and is an inseparable aspect of our way of life.

Samata has a spacious diving deck located in the aft deck of the vessel which is lowered directly to the dinghy. The Diving Area is fully equipped with dive and snorkeling sets available.

Sockets with supplies of 220 volts for charging electrical appliances and underwater photography equipment are abundantly available.
A special area is allocated for a work station for underwater cameras. We offer ample space to sit comfortably, prepare cameras and evaluate images.


The fantastic blend of a luxury cruise and one of the greatest diving in the world.


Scuba Diving

Samata Diving & Plongée